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neo-liberal / неолиберальная
имя прилагательное
relating to a modified form of liberalism tending to favor free-market capitalism.
имя существительное
a person holding neoliberal views.
A false separation between culture and class has made the left less adept at doing what the right and neoliberals have done: link issues of sexuality, race and gender to their corporate economy agenda.
History shows that the NDP introduced neo-liberal policies whilst in the legislature.
The overthrow of neo-liberal capitalism involves revolution in a national framework, even if that is not the end of the process.
These are not on the agenda of globalizing neo-liberal Capital.
The constitution is the European bourgeoisie's attempt to put neo-liberal policies at the heart of the EU.
This move towards the short term is specific to the contemporary, neo-liberal era of capitalism.
Or isn't this form of neo-liberal capitalism that's going on in Europe right now destroying our social systems?
He and his government are pushing through neo-liberal policies every single day.
The most conventional of all contemporary liberalisms is neo-liberal institutionalism.
Given the above, it is both desirable and possible for neo-liberal policies and unfettered capitalism to be resisted and challenged.
If neo-liberal capitalism enforced by the Pentagon is supposedly paradise on earth, how can you possibly explain why anyone should oppose it?