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nelson / нельсон
имя существительное
имя существительное
a wrestling hold in which one arm is passed under the opponent's arm from behind and the hand is applied to the neck ( half nelson ), or both arms and hands are applied ( full nelson ).
As Thirteen draped his arm over the boards for support, Nick quickly pulled Thirteen back to his feet, nimbly swung around Six-Three's shoulders behind his back, and snapped a tight full nelson on Six-Three's neck.
And just like anything else associated with takedowns and half nelsons , it walks the thin line between spectator sport and high camp.
No, Erin prefers to get mean and physical performing a half nelson rather than a plié these days.
Two kids were even caught in a wrestling match with a teacher, trying to take down the man with a series of headlocks and full nelsons .
Rome, which has many other worries beside the vanity of Smart and Special Americans has pushed, but has never really tried to put them in a full nelson .
She stared as I restrained my two-year-old in something like a half nelson to keep him out of the candy bin.
Z reacted quickly to this, he let go of his right arm and brought it around Ursas' right arm, putting Ursa not only in a sleeper, but also in a half nelson .
Chris Masters' Masterlock is merely a more powerful variant of the full nelson .
Ventura, a former pro wrestler, has embraced the sport with a full nelson .
Ronny has Javel in a full nelson as Seth verbally taunts him.
In an early scene which sums up the drama of their relationship, Francene and Bobby are watching ‘Studio Wrestling’ on Channel 11, which inspires Francene to pin her son in a full nelson .