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neighbouring / соседний, близлежащий, соседский
имя прилагательное
neighboring, neighbor, adjacent, nearby, next, adjoining
nearby, neighboring, surrounding, near, neighbouring
neighboring, neighbouring
имя прилагательное
next to or very near another place; adjacent.
a couple at a neighboring table
(of a place or thing) be situated next to or very near (another).
the square neighbors the old quarter of the town
His family had forced him to get engaged to a girl in the neighboring village, whom they had singled out.
Rangoon currently bans the import of 15 product items from neighboring countries.
The Belgian haven has helped pressure neighboring countries into rolling back their taxes.
During this time, the distances between neighboring islands were probably reduced to 30-90 km.
My research takes place in my own study or in the libraries of neighboring research institutions.
The mean annual survival rates of female turkeys in Connecticut were similar to rates reported in neighboring states.
Yet he does not make any effort to make people in neighboring countries understand his actions.
The author witnessed several tragedies, including one small-scale massacre by a neighboring population.
Spraying water on surrounding areas to prevent the flames from jumping the perimeters of the plant saved the neighboring buildings.
The neighboring elevator was down by the lobby, unmoving.