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neighbourhood / окрестности, район, соседство
имя существительное
neighborhood, surroundings, vicinity, environs, suburbs, suburb
district, area, region, neighborhood, borough, zone
neighborhood, vicinity, adjacency, presence, neighbourship, neighborship
имя существительное
a district, especially one forming a community within a town or city.
she lived in a wealthy neighborhood of Boston
he was reluctant to leave the neighbourhood of London
Both sets of protagonists are torn between the American Dream of fame and fortune and the more comfortable pull to stay true to your station in life and neighbourhood .
As well, family units sit within a neighbourhood and wider community of other families that identify with a common cause, that of a decent life with those we love.
she lived in a wealthy neighbourhood of Boston
Ottawa has shown it has considered the question about the neighbourhood surrounding Iraq no more than it has given any thought to the question inside Iraq.
Social interactions based on neighbourhood have been deteriorating for decades - particularly in highly transitory urban areas.
the importance of neighbourhood to old people
Day-to-day life is, for the most part, life lived within a particular neighbourhood , set of neighbourhoods, city, or urban region.
Wait a while and a map of west London will open up showing the precise location of the shot and all the other photos taken in the surrounding neighbourhood .
The neighbourhood surrounding the Medical Academy was the biggest surprise as transactions there were few.