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neighbour / сосед, соседка, находящийся рядом предмет
имя существительное
neighbor, neighbour
neighbor, neighbour
находящийся рядом предмет
neighbor, neighbour
имя прилагательное
neighboring, neighbor, adjacent, nearby, next, adjoining
near, neighbor, hither, nigh, neighbour, close-in
adjacent, communicating, contiguous, neighboring, neighbor, incident
border, abut, neighbor, adjoin, march, bound
находиться у самого края
neighbor, neighbour
be friends, keep company, pal, pal up, neighbor, neighbour
имя существительное
a person living near or next door to the speaker or person referred to.
our garden was the envy of the neighbors
(of a place or thing) be situated next to or very near (another).
the square neighbors the old quarter of the town
next-door neighbour
I chatted with my neighbour on the flight to New York
We have a neighbour next door and I just want her to read this rant.
There is lots of petty theft and my neighbour next door was burgled.
Also the things that religion teaches us: love thy neighbour , do not kill and so on, are just ignored.
When she was nearly 80, my dear old mum would skip down the garden, jump on to a bench and hop over the wall to check on her next-door neighbour .
love thy neighbour as thyself
He believed more in loving thy neighbour than defending his country.
Each frame is rotated by three degrees in relation to its neighbour and is slightly different in height.
The New Testament injunctions to turn the other cheek and love thy neighbour were a great advance in civilisation.