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neigh / ржать
neigh, nicker, heehaw
имя существительное
neighing, neigh, snicker, whicker, horselaugh
имя существительное
a characteristic high-pitched sound uttered by a horse.
In a decision that speaks well of his integrity but poorly of his abilities as a children's entertainer, screenwriter John Fusco decided that his equine characters communicate only through neighs and whinnies.
(of a horse) make a characteristic high-pitched sound; utter a neigh.
Inside each of the four buildings a horse neighed , stamped or whinnied.
Just as they did this all of the horses let out a fearful neigh , and took off running.
A loud neigh erupted from the horse as it yanked away, whites of the eyes showing and ears back.
He made a sound like a cross between a grunt and a neigh .
There was an alarmed stamping of hooves and a shrill neigh from the horse in the stall nearest to him.
The horse let out with a loud neigh and reared high into the air, causing the other horse to start.
She stopped and listened to the horses snorting in the early morning, the occasional neigh and running of hooves, and the late cry of the owl.
The nearest horses reared, shooting out two-foot flames, making a sound that was a cross between a neigh and a roar.
Moving forward to hush the horse, Garrett was surprised to hear an answering neigh .
After that was the unmistakable neigh of a horse.
It greeted her with a neigh and she stroked the horse's face.