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negotiation / переговоры, согласование, преодоление
имя существительное
conversation, talk, negotiation, discussion, parley, treaty
matching, agreement, coordination, negotiation, reconciliation, adjustment
имя существительное
discussion aimed at reaching an agreement.
a worldwide ban is currently under negotiation
a worldwide ban is currently under negotiation
There had only been the exchange of affidavits prior to the negotiation of the settlement.
The venture was not a success and the next year both parties embarked on a process of negotiation for the domains.
a worldwide ban is currently under negotiation
Their negotiation of decisions about treatment occurs in a framework of self care.
This lengthy journey is clearly a commentary on the current process of negotiation of settlements.
This negotiation can entail a new contractual term with or without further contributions.
Transfer or negotiation is easiest where the bill is payable to bearer.
A detailed review of the lease negotiation is necessary to determine this issue.
The next step in the process is negotiation of the transfer of assets from the student union to the Gateway.