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negotiable / договорный, доступный, могущий служить предметом сделки
имя прилагательное
treaty, contractual, contract, negotiable, contracted, agreed
available, accessible, approachable, patent, open, negotiable
могущий служить предметом сделки
имя прилагательное
open to discussion or modification.
the price was not negotiable
Even a bill of lading which is not made negotiable operates as a document of title, because the consignee named therein can only claim delivery of the goods from the shipowner if able to produce the bill of lading.
The fact that real estate fees are negotiable was discussed several times in the columns.
Dairygold boss Jerry Henchy told the LRC on Monday the 500 job cuts were not negotiable and he would impose redundancies by December 17 in order to meet the jobs target.
Participants will follow a negotiable route along Markievicz Road, Stephen Street and The Mall, until the starting point, on Ash Lane, is reached.
Are there some principles upon which it is worth making a stand - or is everything negotiable and flexible in this post-modern world?
What this means is that you have a succession of bits of floor that go up, in easily negotiable ascents in one direction, and down, in easily negotiable descents, in the other direction.
He said flexibility was built into the new proposals, but this flexibility was conditional on maintaining an acceptable overall level of food safety, which was not negotiable .
Slip down here, keeping right near the bottom and follow the rift along for a few metres until you see a negotiable route back up the rift over flowstone.
If you have money here, everything is negotiable .
Everything else might be negotiable - this is not.