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negligence / халатность, небрежность, нерадивость
имя существительное
negligence, laches
negligence, neglect, carelessness, nonchalance, laxity, failure
negligence, neglect, remissness, laches
имя существительное
failure to take proper care in doing something.
some of these accidents are due to negligence
Employers must be held responsible for negligence over worker safety and be punished accordingly.
There are enough tragedies in our day-to-day lives without adding some due to our own personal negligence .
This means that any additional costs which are due to her negligence may be deducted from her bill.
Any casualty due to their negligence must be put up for a PIL and proper compensation demanded.
I was open to persuasion that the actual facts before the court did not disclose a case of negligence that had any reasonable prospect of success.
Yes, some errors are due to negligence by a doctor or a nurse.
‘That is carelessness and negligence and all three of you need to look at your own systems,’ he said.
If the tardiness is due to negligence and causes a loss of income, then you are entitled to recover some of the loss.
The blast took place due to the police negligence , sources said.
Why should I suffer because of somebody's negligence , carelessness, stupidity or even a deliberate act on his or her part?