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neglected / заброшенный, запущенный, безнадзорный
имя прилагательное
abandoned, neglected, deserted, desolate, forlorn, godforsaken
launched, neglected, desolate, squalid, shabby, rusty
neglected, uncared-for
имя прилагательное
suffering a lack of proper care.
some severely neglected children
fail to care for properly.
the old churchyard has been sadly neglected
I wish we would have this kind of pledges in all the forgotten and neglected emergencies in Africa and elsewhere, where also hundreds of thousands of lives are at stake.
Simultaneously he recommended the rebuilding of neglected land resources, notably farm woodlands, pasture, and hay lands.
Life in the neglected U.S. Army of the interwar years is often portrayed as routine, dull, and unchallenging.
Despite this, the present study is deemed relevant because it provided insight into a neglected area of service provision, and confirmed and added to earlier studies.
If the parties want to increase the significance of these neglected assembly elections as well as their own political responsibilities, they could do so by intensifying their campaigning.
Assured that the Virginia frontier was safe from French attack, Washington left the army in 1758 and returned to Mount Vernon, directing his attention toward restoring his neglected estate.
Conversely, if an unknown or neglected composer has written just one work that is excellent in its craftsmanship we should be equally honest and say so.
This excellent record of his thoughtful and troubled career as architect, restorer, scholar, and writer throws much light on a neglected and turbulent period of Victorian architecture.
Since I have to catch up with a number of neglected chores and duties from these last couple of weeks, blogging will be light for a few days.
I think it is a neglected area, and I think that just follows the trend of psychology in general and a lot of areas.