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neglect / пренебрегать, упускать, не обращать внимания
neglect, flout, disregard, ignore, disdain, defy
miss, lose, neglect, omit, leave out, let go
не обращать внимания
disregard, neglect, pass over, shrug off
имя существительное
neglect, disregard, disdain, scorn, slight, disparagement
neglect, squalor, manginess
имя существительное
the state or fact of being uncared for.
animals dying through disease or neglect
fail to care for properly.
the old churchyard has been sadly neglected
Portlaoise hospital was seventh from the bottom of the 54 acute hospitals in the damning report that shows widespread neglect of basic hygiene practices.
There was an air of neglect around the place as it was slowly and silently crumbling.
‘We should try to understand whether any decisions made by officials amounted to neglect of his or her duties,’ he said.
Further along the river, villages tell the story of neglect and abandonment and a people living in abysmal conditions.
The coroner said there had been ‘a catalogue of misunderstandings and confusions’, although he said it was impossible to record a verdict of death contributed to by neglect .
Outside the core, it continues to be blighted by an air of neglect .
The spiky-haired girl just stands there silently as she's accused of neglect .
she was accused of child neglect
Come on city council, show that you care before a tragedy exposes your neglect .
she was accused of child neglect