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negativism / негативизм, склонность к отрицанию, крайний скептицизм
имя существительное
склонность к отрицанию
крайний скептицизм
имя существительное
the practice of being or tendency to be negative or skeptical in attitude while failing to offer positive suggestions or views.
When we come to Hindu literature of later times, we find a marked tilt towards attitude of pessimism, negativism .
Let us turn our youth around from negativism and hopelessness to a positive and optimistic attitude.
So much of the Conservative campaign is desperate, not least their party political broadcasts which have now plumbed new depths in negativism and prejudice.
Whatever he touches withers in his grasp and sinks from view into a muck of despair, negativism and nihilism.
But those who rated highest on personality traits such as negativism and paranoia before deployment also tended to show more signs of PTSD later.
The process of formulating Bulgaria's stand should not be accompanied by Euro-skepticism and negativism as some could exploit this.
I mean, I wonder whether a lot of people are turned off just to the relentless negativism of the press coverage.
People are increasingly aware of how important it is to contribute their ideas in a constructive spirit, free of demagoguery and negativism .
Naturally, this appeal is directed to politicians and intellectuals who take rational argument and debate seriously, for there is little point in trying to get through to those who are only good at fault-finding and negativism .
But if we want more Americans to get out and vote on election day, then we have overcome the sort of kneejerk negativism that turns so many Americans off to electoral politics.
If we are to build on this experience we must bring to bear a spirit of constructive engagement, for this will ultimately be far more productive than boycotts or other forms of negativism , regardless of the justifications.