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negative / отрицательный, негативный, обратный
имя прилагательное
negative, minus, negatory, privative
negative, negatory
back, return, reverse, inverse, converse, negative
имя существительное
negation, denial, negative, repudiation, disavowal, no
отрицательный ответ
negative, nay
deny, negate, disavow, gainsay, disown, negative
reject, deny, refuse, repudiate, discard, negative
mind, object, object to, protest, contradict, negative
имя прилагательное
consisting in or characterized by the absence rather than the presence of distinguishing features.
The records of her transaction, and loan would have been available and in their absence I draw a negative inference.
(of a person, attitude, or situation) not desirable or optimistic.
the new tax was having a very negative effect on car sales
(of a quantity) less than zero; to be subtracted from others or from zero.
The Arabs did not know about the advances of the Hindus so they had neither negative quantities nor abbreviations for their unknowns.
of, containing, producing, or denoting the kind of electric charge carried by electrons.
Each electron carries one unit of negative charge, and there is the same number of electrons as protons, so the atom as a whole is electrically neutral.
(of a photographic image) showing light and shade or colors reversed from those of the original.
Some monk drew a perfect photographic negative image, is that what you want us to believe?
имя существительное
a word or statement that expresses denial, disagreement, or refusal.
she replied in the negative
a photographic image made on film or specially prepared glass that shows the light and shade or color values reversed from the original, and from which positive prints can be made.
Up until this point I have been using Kodak film and having my negatives printed off and enlarging and framing them.
a result of a test or experiment indicating that a certain substance is not present or a certain condition does not exist.
the percentage of false negatives generated by a cancer test was of great concern
the part of an electric circuit that is at a lower electrical potential than another part designated as having zero electrical potential.
Welding is done with direct current, electrode negative (straight polarity).
a number less than zero.
Of course the problem which arises when one tries to consider zero and negatives as numbers is how they interact in regard to the operations of arithmetic, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
reject; refuse to accept; veto.
the bill was negatived by 130 votes to 129
render ineffective; neutralize.
should criminal law allow consent to negative what would otherwise be a crime?
no (usually used in a military context).
“Any snags, Captain?” “Negative, she's running like clockwork.”
In Vietnam, for example, a direct refusal or negative answer is considered impolite and crude.
Is the antibody test a false positive or the histological examination a false negative ?
The series is said to converge if the two series, one defined over the positive integers, the other defined over the negative integers, both converge.
He is refused service in an antique store by an old man who answers even obvious questions in the negative .
Integers are the whole numbers, negative whole numbers, and zero.
To my great disappointment, his reply was in the negative .
If the answer is negative then surely we have a stake in any debate about reform of that state, otherwise we leave the field free to the real enemies of public services.
Repeat brushings are indicated for suspicious or negative results not consistent with the clinical or radiologic findings.
Look at a bright light and look away, and you see the negative image of it.
Sometimes there is enough accompanying inflation to create negative real interest rates and erode the real value of debt.