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negate / отрицать, отвергать, сводить на нет
deny, negate, disavow, gainsay, disown, disclaim
reject, deny, refuse, repudiate, discard, negate
сводить на нет
nullify, negate, stultify, whittle down, whittle away, reduce to zero
nullify; make ineffective.
alcohol negates the effects of the drug
make (a clause, sentence, or proposition) negative in meaning.
What we did there was just negate the A. We wanted to negate the whole sentence.
deny the existence of (something).
negating the political nature of education
The existence of a biological substrate, however, does not negate the importance of the social construction and feminist analysis models of the development and expression of sexuality.
In some English dialects, after all, a double negative reinforces a negative, it doesn't negate it.
The existence of packet loss does not negate the viability for storage traffic over IP.
Meanwhile, the promotional work to negate the effects of the foot and mouth scare commenced in the middle of the crisis with an advertising campaign in the national press.
I've suggested that Rice's utterance is unlikely to be function-free, and also that it's unlikely to have been used to question, negate , or contradict.
In the process she has faced round after round of blood transfusions and radical hospital treatment to negate the effects of the illness that is destroying her bone marrow.
Even though outwardly he denied wanting her, Ethan could no longer negate the need of her presence in his life.
I take supplements to try and offset or negate the effects of the ubiquitous poisons in our food and environment.
Colonial rule, in denying democracy, seemed to negate any concept of the state's duty to its subjects.
But does that negate the imperial nature of our power?