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needless / ненужный, бесполезный, излишний
имя прилагательное
unnecessary, unwanted, waste, needless, superfluous, supervacaneous
useless, futile, worthless, needless, valueless, fruitless
surplus, excessive, superfluous, unnecessary, redundant, needless
имя прилагательное
(of something bad) unnecessary; avoidable.
I deplore needless waste
No week seems complete without some report of the actions of mindless people engaged in needless acts.
Such neatness, such needless destruction of good healthy vegetation, does not fall naturally with me.
Of course such grief is perfectly understandable, following the loss of loved ones in a needless war far, far away.
It cannot be right that we should force people to suffer endless, needless agonies, knowing they will not get better.
Please improve the quality of your paper by removing this needless source of controversy from its pages.
Frankly I can't afford to go wasting fifteen quid on something as needless as this.
The Harps looked to have this game in the bag only to nearly throw it away, conceding numerous needless frees.
This is our first duty to them and is why we should continue to oppose a Government which is exposing them to such great and needless danger.
If the installation of safety cameras can cut down on the needless injury and loss of life on our roads then this should be encouraged.
There are far too many people using their cars for needless short journeys such as taking their children to school, he says.