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needlepoint / острие иглы, игольное кружево, вышивка гарусом по канве
имя существительное
острие иглы
игольное кружево
needlepoint, needle lace
вышивка гарусом по канве
имя существительное
embroidery worked over canvas, typically in a diagonal stitch covering the entire surface of the fabric.
The stitchers display dazzling skill and finesse, creating textured surfaces of petit point, needlepoint , beading, embroidery, appliqué, smocking and macramé.
lace made by hand using a needle rather than bobbins.
embroider in needlepoint.
I imagine a sort of holding area for souls, not unlike the D.M.V. My mother, in her surgical gown, needlepointing , waiting for her number to be called.
She had done needlepoint and crocheting before being attracted to beadwork.
I am also interested in cross-stitch and needlepoint and am looking forward to getting to know other community members who are into needlework as well and swapping some fun and interesting tip!
Her sitting room with its home-made curtains and baskets of knitting and needlepoint was the warm heart of the house, attracting the others to gather in it.
In fact, the idea caught on, and now a group of women on the ship meet regularly in their rooms to knit, crochet or needlepoint .
While other girls my age are learning needlepoint , table manners, and how to win a prince's heart, I learn horseback riding, fencing, and magic spells.
Embroidery and needlepoint make great hammocks.
The second possible explanation is that these men who talk to Natasha about interior decorating, flower-arranging and needlepoint aren't gay.
This is a joke I tell in my act, and I can tell by the way you dropped your needlepoint , called your mama, told her the joke, and then pretended you wrote it, that you and I are going to get along swell.
But she did beautiful needlepoint and embroidery when she actually sat down to work on it.
Then Chaplin plays with our assumptions by assigning the tramp to a cell with an imposing cellmate whom, we learn, is more concerned with needlepoint than bossing the tramp.