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nectarine / нектарин, гладкий персик
имя существительное
гладкий персик
имя прилагательное
упоительный как нектар
имя существительное
a peach of a variety with smooth, thin, brightly colored skin and rich firm flesh.
Infestations of grapes are often due to a buildup in other soft fruits such as figs, apricots, peaches, nectarines , or citrus.
White nectarines and peaches are fine, but the yellow nectarine is really something else - smooth-skinned and warmly sweet and the color of sunshine.
A tub of bulbs (I can't remember whether they're the snowdrops or the tulips) are pushing through; the nectarine in the sun room is growing leaves and flower buds and the blueberries outside are also budding.
A touch of sweetness, plus enticing flavors of jasmine, nectarine , and grapefruit.
Price recalls she asked for two bananas, four peaches, a nectarine , a cucumber and a garden salad with ranch dressing. ‘But she never touched a thing.’
Heat the olive oil in a small skillet, add the nectarine flesh, the balsamic vinegar, pepper flakes, cumin seeds and 1 Tbsp lime juice.
I picked up some fruits on my way home, so I now have at my disposal apricots, peaches, nectarines , lychee fruit, a mango, and assorted berries.
We have now planted peaches, persimmons, nectarines , avocados, passionfruit, figs and zizyphus.
The ones that I make later in the year will have plums, blackberries and peaches and nectarines in them.
The arrival of cherries means the dreariness of winter is definitely over, and I can finally look forward to a long, delicious summer of fresh apricots, raspberries, nectarines , peaches, and plums.
Trip to the big fruit and veg shop to stock up on such great stuff as watermelon, basil pesto, nectarines , MORE interesting cheese, jam tomatoes, wonderful olives etc.