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necropsy / аутопсия, вскрытие трупа, секция
имя существительное
autopsy, necropsy, necroscopy, post-mortem
вскрытие трупа
autopsy, necropsy, post-mortem, necroscopy, post-mortem examination
section, unit, workshop, element, necropsy
In his necropsy of a Bantu man in 1956 he found asbestos bodies in the lungs and insisted that this was a mesothelioma.
The first doctor to determine that something was seriously wrong with the animal was the vet who performed the necropsy , after it died from pneumonia three days after its return.
After necropsy , all recovered birds were classified as killed by avian, mammalian, or unknown predators, or as dying by other causes.
A necropsy described the larger bear as a thousand-pound, 28-year-old male, reasonably healthy despite the fact that, like many older grizzlies, it had broken teeth.
I went over and two vet students performed a necropsy on the animal.
A standard necropsy protocol with agreed diagnostic criteria was used to ensure consistent classification.
The body was transported to the Livestock Disease Diagnostic Center where a necropsy revealed the horse had broken his neck between the fourth and fifth vertebrae.
It is also called a necropsy , the examination of the dead.
We found that a reason for performance of the necropsy was given in only 55% of the autopsies reviewed.
At necropsy all stifle joints were stable to an anterior drawer force with no significant limitations in passive range of motion.