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necktie / галстук
имя существительное
tie, necktie, cravat, scarf, neckcloth, overlay
He appeared onstage in a necktie , prior to the president's arrival.
The necktie was first developed from the ‘cravat,’ which was inspired by colorful scarves worn by Croatian mercenaries.
When our leader tells us we are going to war, we should be paying attention to his reasons, not his necktie .
Like the loosening of a necktie , it signaled a relaxation into informality at the end of a meal.
He then gave Lane an extremely rare bottle of single malt scotch and two neckties .
When I'm with my banker and my attorney and my stockbroker, I want to see them in neckties .
The joys of being self-employed: no neckties for the guys, no pantyhose for the gals.
The anchors and reporters wear uniforms instead of neckties and suits, and the commercials promote the military, not laundry soap and cutlery sets.
Then the Sheffield team arrives - flush with victory, freshly changed into dress shirts and, yes, official team neckties .
Standard neckties come in lengths from anywhere between 52 to 58 inches long, depending on brands and styles.