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neckline / вырез
имя существительное
cutout, neckline, notch, indent, rabbet, gain
имя существительное
the edge of a woman's garment at or below the neck, used with reference to its height or shape.
a sundress with a square neckline
Cut the garment neckline , sleeves and lower edge to the desired finished length.
a sundress with a square neckline
Sleeveless tank tops and any neckline that dares dip below your collarbone are out of the question.
a sundress with a square neckline
With it, she wore a simple purple shirt with a neckline that was not quite low, but by no means modest.
The neckline , waist and edges of the sleeves were adorned with delicate white lace.
The dress had a square neckline and flowed all the way down to my ankles.
She was wearing a lovely dark purple dress with a low neckline and three-quarter sleeves.
It was a dark purple sleeveless dress, trimmed with lilac beads around the neckline and the hem.
She had dressed in a thin, blue muslin gown with a low neckline to show off her décolletage.