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necklace / ожерелье, колье, монисто
имя существительное
necklace, collar, gorget, necklet, chaplet, riviere
necklace, choker
имя существительное
an ornamental chain or string of beads, jewels, or links worn around the neck.
Patrick has black spiky hair and wears a beaded necklace around his neck.
(chiefly in South Africa) a tire doused or filled with gasoline, placed around a victim's neck, and set on fire.
(chiefly in South Africa) kill (someone) with a tire necklace.
The angry residents, definitely frustrated with the law enforcement approach to their distress calls, after slaughtering the bandits, even necklaced the corpses with tyres so that they could torch them.
Moriah fingered a jeweled necklace she was wearing, looking far away, remembering something.
I have a silver necklace with a purple rose pendant, which is wonderful.
She then put a matching opal choker necklace around Zeya's throat.
She placed her favorite gold necklace around her neck.
She wore a matching pearl necklace and had a dark complexion with bright brown eyes.
He closed his fist around the cross dangling from the necklace at her throat.
Kilometres below a city sparkles like an intricate necklace at the throat of a continent.
At her neck, she wore a sliver Y-shaped necklace studded in faux diamonds.
I need some superhero powers, and a pretty chunky colourful beaded necklace might just do it.
His hand was frozen, suspended in mid-air, the necklace barely dangling off it.