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necessity / необходимость, нужда, надобность
имя существительное
need, necessity, must, want, call, obligatoriness
need, want, distress, poverty, necessity, destitution
need, necessity
имя существительное
the fact of being required or indispensable.
the necessity of providing parental guidance should be apparent
an indispensable thing.
a good book is a necessity when traveling
the principle according to which something must be so, by virtue either of logic or of natural law.
But since the Idea of Causation is a necessary condition of the very possibility of objective empirical knowledge, Newton's laws must share this necessity .
On the level of the abstract theory of capital expansion and exploitation, it is not possible to argue for the inevitable necessity of the North-South divide.
Any such project must, by necessity , be selective.
Political ideology is the result of individuals making statements about the world based on theory, and in many cases, political necessity .
In many cases it was financial necessity that forced great pugilists back, with disastrous consequences.
The necessity for clarity of meaning for his listening public imposed a new discipline on both his poetry and prose pieces and this improved his work, exposing obscurities.
Mayor Street defends the cuts as an unpleasant necessity due to the city's financial straits.
Modal logic is the logic of possibility and necessity and the study of modal logic, as a discipline, has flourished in the latter half of the twentieth century.
A software package was developed which obviated the necessity of having instructors in every class.
The long-felt necessity for a state-of-the art gallery of art was realised at last with the initiative of the State Government.
So in some cases, it's perceived by the employer as a business necessity .