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necessitate / вызывать необходимость, вынуждать, делать необходимым
вызывать необходимость
force, compel, necessitate, drive, constrain, enforce
делать необходимым
make (something) necessary as a result or consequence.
the severe arthritis eventually necessitated a total hip replacement
There could be any old report coming along after this election which will necessitate you raising taxes again.
Such modifications need not necessitate wholesale institutional change and they need not await the revision of a competencies list.
His poor standing in Asia will necessitate him throwing tons of money at Indonesia.
Probably there are things that necessitate you getting away from the norm.
Such requirements necessitate frequent contact between the patient and physician for re-evaluation and prescription renewal.
Renal dysfunction and cough necessitate discontinuation of therapy in less than 10 percent of patients.
Correction of vascular disease is important as it's the only factor in itself which will necessitate foot amputation.
Clearly, the ability to imprint DNA does not necessitate its use in development.
Having to replace a motherboard usually necessitates a long-winded process of reinstalling an OS, programs and data.
But fresh fighting erupted again early this month, necessitating a review of the pact.