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nearly / почти, около, приблизительно
almost, nearly, about, near, most, practically
about, around, near, some, nearly, by
about, approximately, some, roughly, nearly, circa
very close to; almost.
David was nearly asleep
in the absence of anyone more nearly related, I had been designated next of kin
He said that when he first saw Lucky's face in the vets it nearly broke his heart.
are we nearly there yet?
David was nearly asleep
It was so nice when my mum and sister came to England and stayed with me for nearly 6 months.
When I went on Friday I was nearly screaming with pain when he tried to stretch my back.
After nearly two hours we knew what the problem was - but hadn't found a way to solve it.
in the absence of anyone more nearly related, I was designated next of kin
David was nearly asleep
I nearly fell
He led me into an alcove and stood close to me, so close our faces were nearly touching.