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nay / нет
no, not, nay, nope, nix, n't
более того
furthermore, moreover, further, nay, likewise, too
even, actually, very, yet, nay, yea
мало того
имя существительное
отрицательный ответ
negative, nay
renouncement, refusal, failure, denial, rejection, nay
голос против
dissenting voice, negative voice, nay, dissentient
or rather; and more than that (used to emphasize a more appropriate word than one just used).
it will take months, nay years
nay, I must not think thus
имя существительное
a negative answer or vote.
the cabinet sits to give the final yea or nay to policies
Has the Court of Criminal Appeal, by its disposition of those cases, indicated yea or nay whether immediate incarceration can ordinarily be expected to be the punishment imposed?
As this is our first formal review of products of this type, we think it best to postpone giving a formal yea or nay until we've had a chance to try out the competition's offerings.
Good teaching, nay great teaching, may yet be the salvation of the university in society in our day.
He probably was taking the counsel of his senior ministers, but not giving an aye or a nay - at least not in public.
Which is partly why I and so many other Brits - nay , the rest of the world - shook our heads and rubbed our eyes in bewilderment when he got into the White House four years ago.
It's all a judgment call at the end of the day, and one person usually will step in and say yea or nay .
permission to build the superstore will take months, nay years
Never mind me, I don't suppose the kids in the next field, nay the next village, got a wink of sleep all weekend.
This is indicative of an official willingness - nay , an active eagerness - here in Ireland to embrace the change that is undoubtedly on the way in this entire area.
But, I repeat, no one doubted that he who controlled the Conan Doyle copyright could also say yea or nay to the further use of the character Sherlock Holmes.