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navy / морское ведомство, эскадра, флотилия
имя существительное
морское ведомство
squadron, fleet, navy
flotilla, fleet, navy
имя прилагательное
naval, marine, navy
имя существительное
the branch of a nation's armed services that conducts military operations at sea.
There were also brochures from the different sections of the military: the navy , army, marines, etc.
a dark blue color.
a navy-blue suit
Hundreds of the missiles are slated to be produced for the navy - the only branch of the military which has until now shown interest in purchasing the new weapons system.
No ship in Victoria's navy was as well supplied with wine, pickles, and preserves as Challenger.
Born in Scotland, Jones enlisted in the British merchant navy at the age of thirteen.
The Dutch became the leading naval power of the 17th century by assembling provincial, local, and private fleets into a national navy .
I fished a crumpled copy of my class schedule from my navy suit jacket.
a 600-ship navy
Richelieu also worked off of the logic that a major European power needed a navy to survive and to protect any expanding merchant fleet.
Everybody I know joined the army, navy , air force, marines or coast guard.
This problem extends into all branches of the Canadian Armed Forces: the navy , the air force and army.
The Queen of Sheba gave him a great amount of gold and he built a navy .