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navvy / землекоп, чернорабочий, экскаватор
имя существительное
digger, excavator, navvy, groundsman, ditcher, groundman
laborer, unskilled worker, navvy, hunky, labourer
excavator, digger, shovel, dredge, power shovel, navvy
имя существительное
a laborer employed in the excavation and construction of a road, railroad, or canal.
Over the decade which followed, it spread to every section of the working class-miners, iron workers, canal navvies , wool and cotton operatives, builders, seamen, land workers.
He was a navvy and had been employed at the new railway which was in the course of construction between Sheffield and Rotherham.
When the Bishop has been here long enough, he will realise that Bradford was built with non-Conformist money, the Irish navvy and an army of desperately poor Britons.
From 1907 he lived in Paris, where after working as a porter on the Métro, a navvy , and a docker, he took a night job in a printing establishment so that he could paint during the day.
I would like to whizz down but I keep getting my hair caught so I have to stop, swearing like a navvy as I disentangle it.
But women are more interested in the other stuff: the swimming-pool blue eyes, the boxer's nose, the tight, tattooed body that reminds you of a cross between a navvy and a Russian ballet dancer.
The first railways were built entirely by hand labour by teams of navvies .
On the alluvial flats of the Cook Inlet a tented camp was pitched to billet the navvies .
The men were generally employed as unskilled hands in foundries, chemical works, and in the shipyards and as navvies and general labourers.
In the course of excavating the Manchester and Bolton Railway in the late 1830s, navvies unearthed large numbers of fossilised trees.
Prodigious quantities of soil were excavated manually by navvies , and moved with the aid of nothing more than horse-drawn tip wagons.