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navigation / навигация, судоходство, плавание
имя существительное
navigation, sailing
shipping, navigation
swimming, navigation, voyage, swim, sailing, sail
имя существительное
the process or activity of accurately ascertaining one's position and planning and following a route.
Its flight control, navigation and vehicle management are independent and based on a mission plan.
the passage of ships.
bridges to span rivers without hindering navigation
In addition, atom lasers may yield extremely precise gyroscope navigation for air and space travel.
The emphasis is on railway transport, river navigation receiving less attention.
The war bred clever innovation in radar systems, navigation aids and bomb sites.
Rivers were open to ship navigation at that time.
most of the navigation from Wormley to Tottenham was frozen
In that case a vessel sank through the negligence of her owners in the River Dee obstructing navigation .
While on the route, the aircraft practice visual low-level navigation , simulated threat reactions and simulated target attacks.
This maneuver opened the river to navigation farther upstream and stopped the overflow of water into the lake.
He intended to do this prior to the seasonal cessation of river navigation due to winter and the expedition's retirement to a wintering ground.
Now, Global Positioning Systems and satellite navigation are more accurate and widely available.