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navigable / судоходный, управляемый, мореходный
имя прилагательное
navigable, passable
controlled, guided, manageable, driven, operated, navigable
nautical, seafaring, seagoing, navigable
имя прилагательное
(of a waterway or sea) able to be sailed on by ships or boats.
These are the two main navigable waterways leading to ports in Iraq.
Haven't we all, at some time, had to face the near trauma of parking aside for hours waiting for flooded roads to become navigable ?
With thousands of miles of navigable waterways, the state leads the nation in waterborne cargo, handling some 500 million tons a year.
With its action, the state's highest court has potentially granted exclusive fishing rights to anyone owning land traversed by a recognized navigable waterway.
It's only navigable with the mouse and, even then, you're only able to close it.
Should there be an issue we will of course make whatever engineering adjustments are necessary in order to preserve the navigable channel.
According to the request for tenders, the websites have to be navigable in English and Irish and should be able to support content in French, Spanish and German.
A chain blocked the navigable channel, secured on one side by the city walls and on the other by a tower on an island close to the shore.
It is a great playing game that is highly suited to the console platform with its simple controls, easily navigable menus and great graphics.
Create a simple, clean design for your web site that is easily navigable .
The trust's ultimate aim is to restore the canal, as a continuous navigable waterway.