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naval / морской, флотский, военно-морской
имя прилагательное
nautical, sea, marine, maritime, naval, salt
naval, marine, navy
имя прилагательное
of, in, or relating to a navy or navies.
a naval officer
Owned by Mexico, the islands are uninhabited except for a naval base on Socorro.
Only its vital strategic importance as a naval base cushioned it from further reprisals.
It lies on an American naval base and the only viewing point is 100 metres away.
The ships are tied up in Portsmouth naval base, with the numbers on board reduced to single figures.
He is also an avid historian and often conducts tours of the historical naval base.
It was believed to be the largest gathering of naval vessels in Liverpool for decades.
As a junior naval officer it seems you work very hard for comparatively little salary.
It was this maritime vulnerability that made naval politics the most important of all politics.
The harbour at Suda Bay was the largest in the Mediterranean Sea and an ideal base for naval operations.
One former naval officer said the case represented a sea-change in navy management style.