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nautical / морской, мореходный, корабельный
имя прилагательное
nautical, sea, marine, maritime, naval, salt
nautical, seafaring, seagoing, navigable
nautical, ship's
имя прилагательное
of or concerning sailors or navigation; maritime.
nautical charts
His love for things nautical , his business sense and his organizational skills live on in his son.
But even if you don't bring your own boat, there's plenty of nautical activity on the island.
Apart from the nautical activities, the Naval personnel took part in a sport day before heading out to sea on their various deployments again.
It has a ‘small ship’ style to it that appeals to one's sense of nautical tradition.
The increasing importance of astronomy in nautical navigation required further experiments.
Therefore many sailors would tattoo nautical stars on their forearms as a good luck symbol in hopes of returning home.
Newfoundland, perhaps more than the other Maritime Provinces, is overwhelmed with the nautical spirit.
All things nautical will be on show at Lancaster's Maritime Festival, probably the highlight of the weekend locally.
As in most genres of art, the nautical or marine artist is a risk taker.
If one did not wish to sail or indulge in nautical activities, that was accepted.