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nauseate / вызывать тошноту, чувствовать отвращение, чувствовать тошноту
вызывать тошноту
nauseate, sicken, turn up
чувствовать отвращение
loathe, be disgusted, recoil, sicken, nauseate, revolt
чувствовать тошноту
feel queer, nauseate, sicken
make (someone) feel sick; affect with nausea.
the thought of food nauseated her
The born-again Christian experience and the corporate experience both nauseate me.
They have a nearly perfect relationship, which often nauseates their friends, and they are also deeply religious.
The modern fashion for celebrities ‘having a go’ at other activities is one of the more nauseating developments of the television age.
The sick smell emanating from his cigar nauseated Hannah.
We have our food packs, but the sight of food nauseated me and I could not force myself to put it in my mouth.
Politicians and papers responded to the documentary with nauseating hypocrisy.
‘Maybe it's time you followed your own advice, even if it is nauseatingly sentimental,’ I said to myself.
But on the plane back home, I was nauseated and freezing cold.
Do you have any idea how nauseating your ‘fashion statement’ is?
Dustin's pulse roared through his ears and nauseating spurts of adrenaline coursed through his veins.