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nauru / nauru
имя существительное
an island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, near the equator; population 14,000 (est. 2009); no official capital but government is in Yaren District; official languages, Nauruan (an Austronesian language) and English.
She will be delivering a basic nursing skills course to Nauruan nurses, which incorporates training in wound management, emergency and resuscitation.
He's remained in Australia but he has been dealing with the Nauruans .
In the 1960s, Nauruans began to demand a greater share.
Nauru's phosphate wealth made Nauruans the wealthiest people in the Pacific for a while.
Long ago, the Nauruans could have fixed up their environment and made the island the holiday resort of all holiday resorts.
the capital of Nauru
It was signed on their behalf, but perhaps not with their knowledge, by an officer of the Nauruan immigration office.