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naught / ничто, ноль, нуль
имя существительное
nothing, nothingness, naught, zilch, zero, ought
zero, nil, nothing, cipher, ought, cypher
zero, null, nil, naught, cipher, o
имя прилагательное
insignificant, paltry, little, small, puny, naught
useless, futile, worthless, needless, valueless, naught
имя существительное
the digit 0; zero.
It is a series of numbers, hyphens, naughts , strokes, and zeds.
he's naught but a worthless fool
‘He is my little brother, he is naught but seven years old,’ Katrina spoke up as she rose from her chair.
With naught but a tent for shelter, the traveler is in constant danger - both from bandits and the elements.
But suddenly, your preparation seems like it was all for naught .
There's naught to get my teeth into, naught to be telling me what they mean.
In reciprocation, however, he got a big naught .
He has it by my leave, so there's naught to worry about.
he's naught but a worthless fool
And Unless we keep this planet healthy, everything else is for naught .
Against our resolve, their millions shall count for naught .
he's naught but a worthless fool