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naturally / естественно, конечно, разумеется
naturally, kindly
of course, certainly, sure, surely, naturally, clearly
naturally, surely, natch, all right, alright
in a natural manner, in particular.
as may be expected; of course.
naturally, I hoped for the best
So imprinting of X-linked genes naturally results in sexually dimorphic gene expression.
Anarchy naturally results in an escalating series of parties, during the last of which the family's home burns to the ground.
The result, naturally , was a crowd of customers.
He was a cross between David Niven and Spike Milligan, and you never knew what to expect, so naturally we children were always delighted to see him.
Women, like highly qualified airline pilots, seem to have a skill that comes naturally to them, when it comes to dealing with babies.
To begin with, Bulgaria does have a very old tradition of herbal medicine since a lot of herbs and plants grow here naturally .
The queuing on the minor road, which created start-stop movements, naturally resulted in more instances of break-up of vehicle images.
And an increase in supply without a corresponding increase in demand would naturally lead to a fall in prices.
Hinako followed in a red sweater and black pants with her hair in its naturally curly state.
When young students come together, the result is naturally chaos and confusion.