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naturalize / натурализовать, натурализоваться, акклиматизироваться
naturalize, denizen, nationalize
acclimate, acclimatize, naturalize, become acclimatized to
admit (a foreigner) to the citizenship of a country.
he was born in a foreign country and had never been naturalized
establish (a plant or animal) so that it lives wild in a region where it is not indigenous.
native and naturalized species
regard as or cause to appear natural.
although women do more child care than men, feminists should beware of naturalizing that fact
Against any tendency to naturalize evil, Julian sees evil as profoundly unnatural, unkind.
Politically and legally, this transformation takes place when we become citizens, when we naturalize .
They urged immigrants to learn English and to naturalize .
Indeed, this book's special virtue is to historicize and demystify the material conditions of everyday life which industrial culture has tended to naturalize .
In other words, countries cannot, for example, allow European immigrants to naturalize while barring Haitians.
Like Europeans, Americans were eager to naturalize familiar species in their new homelands.
Even the Supreme Court was not as willing to allow Asian immigrants to naturalize .
The United States defended its right to naturalize foreigners and rejected Britain's claim that it could legitimately practice impressment on the high seas.
This is an account of nineteenth-century efforts to naturalize alien freshwater and anadromous fish in California.
Many superintendents embraced this idea and proceeded to naturalize .