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naturalistic / натуралистический
имя прилагательное
naturalistic, naturalist, kitchen-sink, slice-of-life
имя прилагательное
derived from real life or nature, or imitating it very closely.
verbatim records of children's speech in naturalistic settings
based on the theory of naturalism in art or literature.
naturalistic paintings of the city
Native Son is a fine example of the American novel in the naturalistic tradition.
Even the small selection illustrated here shows a wide range of expressions, from the rather naturalistic Yoruba twin figures to this highly abstract Metoko pair.
This motif had already gained currency in the naturalistic representations of Renaissance artists.
The direction, too, is smart and understated and is helped by the film's clear, naturalistic cinematography.
And evolution is the naturalistic theory by which animal life has evolved into Homo sapiens.
Park's naturalistic depiction of brutal violence and sadistic torture often make for uncomfortable viewing.
It is also a learning process for the nearby Academy, which has just a few years to work out how to cope with the huge implications of dealing with a new cohort of pupils who have been learning a language in a naturalistic way for seven years.
But, as with pure naturalistic theories of evolution, your task is to shut up and bow to your superiors, not ask obvious questions.
The film benefits from pared-down, naturalistic cinematography and performances, as well as a pervasive sense of fatalism.
By the mid-60s, his works had become more naturalistic , more ornithologically precise, and more topographically accurate.