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naturalist / натуралист, естествоиспытатель, владелец зоомагазина
имя существительное
naturalist, scientist, natural philosopher
владелец зоомагазина
имя прилагательное
naturalistic, naturalist, kitchen-sink, slice-of-life
имя существительное
an expert in or student of natural history.
Ornithologists and naturalists , including the renowned nineteenth-century illustrator John Gould, originally classified male and female huias as two different species.
a person who practices naturalism in art or literature.
The novel received wide critical acclaim and Motley's harsh, unrelenting realism invited comparisons with Richard Wright and the revered naturalists Theodore Dreiser and Frank Norris.
This was a challenge to the dominant, naturalist conventions of his day, where characters in drama represented specific social types without contradiction, predetermined and easily recognisable.
He aimed to make paintings that depicted the truth and he was critically condemned for being a naturalist .
Even a naturalist like Zola cannot help giving his characters insight (of joy or despair) into the sweep of human meaning even as he feeds them to the grinder of biological determinism.
Crane has been called a naturalist , an impressionist, an expressionist, and a symbolist, but none of these disparate labels satisfactorily denotes the range and complexity of his art.
Recently I ran through the Amazonian rainforest in the company of a French naturalist .
A methodological naturalist would insist on explaining all phenomena, however strange, in natural terms.
Nevertheless, such a logic fully brings out the absurd implications of the feminist and naturalist accounts.
This extract can be taken as an example of Zola's naturalist style: realism taken to the point of nausea.
The naturalist on the contrary simply points out that, whatever the mind is, our continuing existence is proof that it has done its job of keeping us around.
One speculation I make in the book is that our current consumer culture may be based upon the naturalist intelligence.