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naturalism / натурализм
имя существительное
имя существительное
(in art and literature) a style and theory of representation based on the accurate depiction of detail.
He combined elements of naturalism and romanticism to create a portrait of Napoleon which was both more physically accurate and more emotionally probing than the work of any of his rivals.
a philosophical viewpoint according to which everything arises from natural properties and causes, and supernatural or spiritual explanations are excluded or discounted.
Most atheists and other advocates of philosophical naturalism also believe in materialism, the idea that everything that actually exists is material or physical.
He consequently links early photography with the Realist project, tying it to an urge for naturalism in both the arts and sciences.
his attack on naturalism in TV drama
There's a mix of naturalism and stylization that is not, but almost, perfectly achieved in his images of animals on the cover.
The laurel tree, which Correggio renders with great naturalism , simultaneously evokes notions of fidelity, chastity, and poetic attainment.
In brief, the message of this government-promoted television series was that philosophical naturalism and science are one and the same.
At first sight, the painting seems a piece of outright naturalism but detail indicates all is not what it seems.
This is a magical piece of theatre, with a streak of engaging, sly humour and playfulness that takes you into a theatrical world where naturalism and expressionism, realism and surrealism sit side by side.
It's just an amazing range - from Greek-like naturalism to total abstraction.
Works on view chart the artist's shift from naturalism to an exploration of existential themes.
In other words, materialistic naturalism says that there is nothing more to me outside of my physical body.