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nativity / рождение, гороскоп
имя существительное
birth, giving birth, bearing, delivery, nativity, nascence
horoscope, nativity, figure
имя существительное
the occasion of a person's birth.
the place of my nativity
A solar return occurs when the sun in the birth nativity returns to its original position, on the birthday of the individual in question.
Play group manager Naomi Park says it was the first nativity in more than 30 years.
Uranus, which was discovered 11 years after his birth, is prominent in his nativity and there is a powerful resonance between his own chart and that set for the discovery.
The couple also had a nativity in a stable, which Mr Hope had built himself with figures of camels, donkeys and the three wise men which were more than two feet tall.
Tots at the nursery had their first taste of acting when they staged a nativity with a modern twist.
The actors comprised mainly of children who portrayed the various nativity characters.
Christmas shopping, decorating the tree, carol singing, the school nativity , wrapping presents, roast turkey followed by Christmas pudding… the list goes on.
He moved to the city three or four years ago - for reasons he won't disclose, but which might relate to his partner's nativity .
This delightful carol, often called The Polish Carol, tells the story of the nativity in a simple, childlike manner.
If you played Joseph or Mary or an angel at the school nativity , you should not be denied that happy memory.