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nationalism / национализм, патриотизм
имя существительное
patriotism, nationalism
имя существительное
patriotic feeling, principles, or efforts.
Playing with a sense of loyalty, commitment, nationalism and pride.
And yet a social principle that goes beyond nationalism raises itself again and again.
Much has been said about nationalism ; independence forces one to confront what it means to be ‘Bermudian’.
Symbols of nationalism are linked centrally to independence.
And this is the time of the World Cup games when nationalism via sport is given pride of place before all else.
When a country becomes independent, there are various symbols of nationalism that countries like to have.
The mass media promote racism and nationalism in an effort to divide us and blind us from the real problems of society.
First, nationalism does provide a principle of legitimacy that underpins the modern state system.
This mytho-historiography expresses itself in nationalism as a religious principle.
The Bible became a political manifesto of English nationalism and the liberation of the masses from church tyranny.
Is there an effort to whip up nationalism to divert attention from the social problems, poverty, unemployment?