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natal / натальный, родной, относящийся к рождению
имя прилагательное
native, home, own, dear, vernacular, natal
относящийся к рождению
имя прилагательное
of or relating to the place or time of one's birth.
her natal home
of or relating to the buttocks.
the natal cleft
имя существительное
a province on the eastern coast of South Africa that was renamed KwaZulu-Natal in 1994.
a port on the Atlantic coast of northeastern Brazil; population 774,230 (2007).
The Aphelops bias is similar and could be explained as a natal birth bias.
The location and aspects of the ascendant's ruler also hold a great deal of importance in natal evaluation.
Instead, it offered information that might satisfy children's future curiosity about natal origins.
Young salmon spend up to three years in their natal streams before migrating to the sea.
The distribution of psoriasis on extensor surfaces, scalp and natal cleft helps distinguish psoriasis from discoid eczema.
The operation consists of making a 5-7cm incision, usually in the natal cleft crease.
A second patient brought mobile phone images of his partner's episodic natal cleft rash, which had defied GP and dermatological diagnosis for 3 years.
In this model, naive females accompany experienced females to nesting beaches regardless of the natal beach of origin.
The young fish spend at least a year in the natal stream before moving downstream to the sea or into lakes.
Sharp-shinned Hawks tend to use specific flyways during migration, which reflect their natal or breeding origins.