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narrowly / узко, чуть, точно
slightly, hardly, narrowly, lightly, low
exactly, precisely, accurately, just, for sure, narrowly
by only a small margin; barely.
he narrowly defeated Anderson to win a 12th term in office
closely or carefully.
he was looking at her narrowly
in a limited or restricted way.
narrowly defined tasks
They not only define the problem narrowly , but also the solution.
Police were also called to a building in Northgate in Wakefield city centre after the wind blew off part of the roof, narrowly missing a pedestrian.
A Nissan Micra came screeching off the eastbound carriageway, narrowly missed their patrol car, and rolled up the bank into a field.
The horse in its flight narrowly missed two telephone poles, but knocked over the bucket of water with which a woman was cleaning the front steps of her house.
narrowly defined tasks
narrowly defined tasks
Several windows have been smashed with what is believed to be an airgun; and on one occasion shards of glass narrowly missed one of the tenants.
He made to swipe me with the bottle, narrowly missing my face and catching me in the shoulder instead.
It's just that their conception of what constitutes support is limited very narrowly to career advancement.
She scanned the baby narrowly , then looked as searchingly at Sandra, whose face was turned to gaze across the fields.