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narrow / узкий, ограниченный, небольшой
имя прилагательное
narrow, tight, restricted, contracted, parochial, skimpy
limited, bounded, restricted, confined, finite, narrow
small, little, low, moderate, narrow, lower
имя существительное
узкая часть
narrow, waist, neck
узкий проход
narrow, throat, bottleneck, gut
reduce, decrease, diminish, lower, lessen, narrow
narrow, straiten, cramp
имя прилагательное
(especially of something that is considerably longer or higher than it is wide) of small width.
he made his way down the narrow road
limited in extent, amount, or scope; restricted.
his ability to get good results within narrow constraints of money and manpower
(especially of a victory, defeat, or escape) with only a small margin; barely achieved.
The victory avenged after a narrow defeat earlier in the season.
имя существительное
a narrow channel connecting two larger areas of water.
a basaltic fang rising from the narrows of the Upper Missouri
become or make less wide.
the road narrowed and crossed an old bridge
become or make more limited or restricted in extent or scope.
their trade surplus narrowed to $70 million in January
So one narrow defeat, by a mere one goals margin, made a world of difference to the team's eventual standing.
As you go higher up the scale you narrow and decrease the scope of your knowledge until you know an enormous amount about very little.
In contrast to British music's narrow mindset, Jamaica has always embraced the most outlandish musical idiosyncrasies imaginable.
Passion and commitment can be rather focused, occasionally ranging into the narrow point of view.
The two major parties at the first federal elections were free-traders and protectionists, with the latter securing a narrow victory, though not a parliamentary majority.
Falcon retakes the lead here, though its margins of victory remain narrow .
A narrow phonetic transcription of the yaourt lyrics will show how various formal features are employed to create the semblance of English.
A narrow margin of victory does not prohibit him from fighting for more tax cuts.
Here I am thinking primarily of ethical difficulties, not linguistic or literary difficulties in the narrow sense.
But the definitions are so narrow that it doesn't include everyone.