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narrator / рассказчик, повествователь, диктор
имя существительное
narrator, storyteller, teller, tale-teller
speaker, announcer, broadcaster, narrator, newscaster, anchorman
имя существительное
a person who narrates something, especially a character who recounts the events of a novel or narrative poem.
The novel employs multiple narrators , including not only the three major characters but also their husbands, children, and parents.
In this dream poem the narrator enters the Garden of Mirth where he sees various allegorized figures and falls in love with a rosebud.
A motto theme for William Penn is heard and the narrator intones Penn's prayer for Philadelphia.
"Well, there you have it, " came the narrator 's voice.
And the story is told by a possibly slightly unreliable narrator , which is a nice touch.
The film is narrated by the laconic narrator that Disney used a lot then.
We also have a voice-over narrator to explain everything, along with lessons learned.
In paradise, the omniscient narrator concludes, there are no stories because there are no journeys.
The novel's first-person narrator is a most unpleasant man.
The narrator of the story is a pilot who has crash-landed in the desert.
A voice-over narrator " explains " things, whereas we want to see and experience them.