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narrate / рассказывать, повествовать
narrate, tell, relate, recount, report, recite
give a spoken or written account of.
the voyages, festivities, and intrigues are narrated with unflagging gusto
And then you would hear a voice begin to narrate the story.
The miniature megastar is to narrate a film about life on the International Space Station.
I shall narrate a trivial incident which presaged the shape of things to come.
Along with other guests, she too will speak and narrate her experiences.
Sometimes, stark images can speak for themselves and even narrate untold stories.
Although he continued to write and narrate the films, he was no longer calling the shots in the editing room or with corporate sponsors.
For it is through Lanyon's ‘narrative’ as it is written both in his letter to Utterson and ‘on his face’ that the text introduces the transformation of Jekyll into Hyde as a narratable event.
And somehow, even though we know Joe gets out alive (he's narrating the story after all) we're on the edge of our seat wondering if he does make it.
The journalist and broadcaster narrates a personal history of his adopted home.
In fact, he narrates the film and is the only person, aside from the children and their families who appears in film.