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nappy / подгузник, пеленка
имя существительное
diaper, nappy, napkin
diaper, nappy, napkin
имя прилагательное
nappy, hairy, fuzzy, fluffy, shaggy, piled
имя прилагательное
(of a black person's hair) frizzy.
‘She just wanted to know what nappy hair felt like,’ my mom complained all the way home.
имя существительное
a baby's diaper.
You will have huge embarrassment value in later life showing your daughter's first boyfriend her as a baby with no nappy !
A bigger pack of 54 was on sale for £8.96, or 16.6p per nappy .
He got up and sighed, sweeping his hand through his nappy grey brown hair, his usual habit.
Look at grandma - she's got nappy hair, big lips, a wide nose, high cheek bones.
He was attacked after the class nanny stepped out of the room to change another baby's nappy .
Here you'll find such a nappy alarm which involves clamping a sensor onto the baby's nappy .
Find spare nappy , shorts and a carrier bag to put wet clothes in.
I think I look fine even though I am over weight, have nappy hair, and seem a bit grouchy, as you would if you were a freak having to put up with normal people.
The ammonia produced by stale urine can make the skin under and around a baby's nappy very sore and red, with red spots, blisters and broken skin.
Also for hygiene and ventilation reasons we have nappy changing area in the toilets.
Having read all the right books about childhood development, the Professor displayed not the slightest dismay as he quietly drained the tub and got the little chap into a nice, fresh nappy .