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nap / вздремнуть, дремать, ворсить
nap, take a nap, snooze, have a nap, catnap, snatch a nap
doze, nap, slumber, drowse, nod
nap, frieze, crisp, teasel, teazle
имя существительное
pile, nap, hair, fluff, fleece
nap, slumber, drowsiness, dormancy, doze, somnolence
короткий сон
nap, kip, snooze, wink, winking, zizz
имя существительное
a short sleep, especially during the day.
excuse me, I'll just take a little nap
the raised hairs, threads, or similar small projections on the surface of fabric or suede (used especially with reference to the direction in which they naturally lie).
carefully machine the seam, following the direction of the nap
a card game resembling whist in which players declare the number of tricks they expect to take, up to five.
sleep lightly or briefly, especially during the day.
I wondered if I had been glued to the bed, I could barely will myself to move, and then finally able to lift a limb or two, I turned over and felt into a sound sleep, napping for an hour.
(of a horse) refuse, especially habitually, to go on at the rider's instruction; jib.
Vices, if they occur, like napping , can quickly be overcome, with no fear of getting the bit pulled through the mouth.
Surely my 30 min power nap during the day shouldn't have given me that effect?
With these pressing aids, the velvet is placed face down on the board and the raised surface of the board prevents crushing the nap .
I hope you've had a nice little nap , because I haven't slept in 24 hours.
Brush blanket on both sides with stiff brush to raise nap , press binding, using synthetic setting on iron.
If a 5-year-old gets adequate rest at night, he or she no longer needs a daytime nap .
By the age of four, most children no longer require a daytime nap .
Some people call two hours of sleep a midday nap ; I call it an accomplishment.
Brushing the nap against the grain on the pieces that were hung the wrong way will sometimes provide a more uniform look.
Following lunch, he would nap for an hour.
There was even an unofficial press tradition of a nap after lunch, when nothing much tended to happen.