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nanosecond / наносекунда
имя существительное
one billionth of a second.
If you do the same math for PC 100, you get eight bytes running parallel every 10 nanoseconds for about 80 nanoseconds .
The woman making the slide presentation at the National Press Club skipped over the data on adolescent males in a nanosecond .
You know, I mean the problem with fencing is it's all over in a nanosecond .
My passport takes just a nanosecond to get a green light.
Now I'm willing to entertain almost any notion for at least a nanosecond .
Indeed, NASA had a little more than a nanosecond to rest on its laurels.
For a nanosecond , Davies admits he was almost fooled.
The second limitation is the nanosecond timescale of the simulations.
This also means one clock cycle takes one billionth of a second, or a nanosecond .
The archives will be shipped with a full-scale reproduction of Mailer's ego for articulate Third Wave feminists to whittle down in a nanosecond .
Unfortunately, in his business, fun can turn to agony in a nanosecond .