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nanny / няня, нянюшка, медсестра
имя существительное
nanny, nurse, nursemaid, childminder, baby tender, nurserymaid
nurse, nanny
имя существительное
a person, typically a woman, employed to care for a child in its own home.
One thing we will see a lot more of is nanny-sharing, where two families will join up to employ a nanny and the children mix.
a female goat.
I watched her swell, taking on the full mass of an Alpine nanny goat , not the petite female she usually went about as.
be overprotective toward.
his well-intentioned nannying
Do you now, or have you ever, employed a live-in nanny or helper?
This choice should lie with individual proprietors and is not a decision to be made by an interfering nanny state!
He said the airline would be investing heavily in in-flight meals and entertainment and would also offer a nanny service and Indian head massage for passengers.
Family life and the licensed trade aren't its only casualties: it is helping to turn this country with its natural sense of freedom into a nanny state.
The £50 vouchers will be welcomed by families that employ a nanny , but many are angry at the government's portrayal of the extension of the tax credit.
There should be adult supervised meting places like we had, but not of the type that will interfere and nanny them.
Many nurses came from the Philippines to work in Britain's overstretched health service and for private agencies - and a nanny agency is now helping their relatives to seek domestic work.
No doubt they have been used to employ some more bureaucrats to nanny us some more.
This means that parents would need an income of at least £40,000 just to cover the costs of employing a nanny .
She also once worked as a nanny in Sydney, but was left destitute when three female flatmates walked out leaving her with bills to pay.